IMG_6661 IMG_6656 IMG_6667 IMG_6668 IMG_6669 IMG_6672 IMG_6676 IMG_6651Happy New Year!

If you have visited during the past month, but encountered no new posts, thank you for taking the time to stop by. When I logged on today, I honestly couldn’t believe it had been a month since I last posted. Tempus fugit.

We finally started getting some snow around Christmas and our last storm left the magnificent beauty that you can see in the photos above. We hiked the day after the storm and couldn’t have asked for a better day to be out in the woods; the inversion (read: killer smog) had cleared, the trees were bent under the weight of the snow and the sun shone on us for the duration of our hike before disappearing behind clouds. We finished our hike with a car picnic consisting of crackers, cheese and ripe pears.

We generally have a book on audio to listen to as we motor around. Right now, we are almost at the end of The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, book 4. These books keep getting better and better. I would recommend them for older children (10+) because there are a lot of vocabulary, grammar and history asides that are most entertaining when you can understand them!

I decided to choose a word for this year. I don’t remember ever doing that before. The word that popped into my head and wouldn’t leave was “authentic,” so it and I are paired for 2015. I don’t feel as though I haven’t been authentic before, I just felt like this year I wanted to reach a point where I was acting true to myself as much as possible. The definition “true to one’s own personality, spirit or character” really resonated with me. The kids and I even made vision boards this year the first week we started back to our studies. I really enjoyed seeing what they chose to put on their boards.

Teal is currently finishing up astronomers, Pintail Norse Myths, and Wigeon has had the story “Old Gnome and Jack Frost” by Suzanne Down this month. She is making an ice-picture similar to the story from items collected on our winter walks in the photo above. The pan of water had to sit outside for nearly a week until it was cold enough to freeze. Today when she put in all the grasses, berries, etc., I just popped it into the freezer so she can hang it up tomorrow.

There are so many things I’ve been wanting to write about here. I hope to be around more often. I have missed reading many of my online friends’ blogs, too, so if you see a comment from me on an old post, it’s just because I’m catching up.

As always, thank you for taking the time to drop by!

13 thoughts on “Winter

  1. licoricelovinglady

    Happy New Year Mrs Mallard!
    Your photographs of the snow look beautiful, just what I needed to see in the hot summer sunshine Downunder!
    Authentic sounds like a great word. I’ve never had a word before either but I think I’ll join you. As I write this the word that’s come to me is Clear. Clear about who I am. Clear thinking. Clear speech. Clear of clutter (now that would be good LOL). So that’s my word. Clear.
    Blessings to you all, Cathy

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Hello Cathy! I love the word clear! All of the descriptors you wrote sound fabulous – especially clear of clutter.

      Do you get much snow in NZ? I mean, I know you have mountains, but do you get snow where you live in the winter? I love winter. I love the snow and the cold. I guess I love all of the seasons, but I’m glad they cycle through.

      And yes, the painting on my blog was one we did during Teal’s astronomy block, but it’s actually my painting.

      Take care!

      1. licoricelovinglady

        There is snow on the ranges in winter but not at sea level where we live. It’s about a 3 hour drive to the ski fields (actually a volcano) but we sometimes get snow a bit closer and can just have a day out to go build a snowman! Would be nice to wake up one morning and discover a blanket of snow in the back yard…..magical!

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Thank you Kim! I get so worried when it doesn’t snow because all of our drinking and recreation water comes from the snow pack in the mountains. When it snows, it’s a giant relief – knowing I will be able to drink lots of water in the summer. Our mountains used to average 500 inches of snow per year and now they only average 300 inches. That is so sad to me. Thank you for saying hi.

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Thank you Sheila! I hope your family had a wonderful holiday! I just saw that you had a new post at Simple Homeschool. I look forward to reading it.

      I don’t know why my blog keeps unfollowing yours, so that’s why I had to follow you again yesterday. It’s the weirdest thing. I hope you’re not kicking me off as a follower and get bummed every time I re-follow. 🙂

      1. Sheila / Sure as the World

        LOL – I’m definitely not kicking you off. Are you following via email or the WP reader? Because I can’t make sense of that reader. Blogs that I thought I unfollowed are still in there when I check in on my phone, so I don’t doubt that some that I want to follow are not.

  2. ponderosatree

    It’s good to know I’m not the only one to take my kids hiking in the snow. I love those pictures…the picture frame in the first one and the snow tunnel in the second, and the happy kids in the rest. My kids are quite a bit bigger than your littlest, but I think I’ll do ice pictures with them anyway. What a great idea…thanks.

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Oh, thank you for saying hello Sarah! Yes, the ice-picture was really fun, but it didn’t freeze very clearly. When the sun was out today and shining through it we could see the objects a little better. Maybe the quick freeze in the freezer made the ice too air-bubbly? I just froze a layer of ice in a pan and let my daughter put in the nature-bits. I also added a ribbon loop to hang it in a tree. Then we poured in a tiny bit of water and froze that so the items wouldn’t float. Once everything was stuck in place, we filled the pan with water and froze it all. Then dipped the bottom to loosen the ice-picture, popped it out and put it in a tree.

      Look how pretty these are, though: or this

      I think i missed the really cold weather that would have made them clearer…or maybe too much water?

      1. ponderosatree

        Those are so neat. I think we’ll make a bunch next year to decorate a tree for Solstice. My inner-Pagan is never quite satisfied with our Solstice celebration. This is perfect.

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