Season’s Greetings!

Hi! Oh, my! It’s been so long! This is the first day in what feels like months, that I have found a little time to sit down at the computer for a blog post. We are still here and well, though I did have an ear infection right before Thanksgiving that left me feeling run down for ten days before I figured out what was going on.IMG_6259 IMG_6264 We celebrated Martinmas with the Waldorf early years co-op I have mentioned before. At the beginning of the school year, we were able to do so much with that group. However, my older kids always felt angry at being made to attend because they were so much older than all the other children. I started to feel like it might be better for our family to spend the co-op morning out doing more serious hiking and nature exploration on our own. For now, I am feeling torn about what my membership in that group looks like . I love, love, love the mothers and children and will miss the camaraderie that group brings, but I also love getting out and really hiking with my older kids in a way that is enjoyable for them.IMG_6374 Last month, I was the very lucky winner of a beautiful skein of Mountain Girl yarn! Kim, of Mothering with Mindfulness, hosted the giveaway and when the package arrived I was blown away by the lovely yarn and packaging. It was all so wonderful! I wish I had some knitting to report, but I think that will be done after Christmas.IMG_6449 IMG_6454

IMG_6497We have done some Christmas decorating, but the tree is still bare! I took the photo of our family room the other night trying to catch the warm glow and cozy feeling I had as I looked at our tree and window stars. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t catch it because I think it was all feelings. For advent this year, we set up a nativity with twenty-four glass pebbles leading to the manger. Every day someone moves baby Jesus closer to his manger. For the past few years, our advent has been centered around the more faith-based tradition of lighting a candle every Sunday and talking about the Christ-like attribute associated with that week. The four weeks are Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. A final candle is lit on Christmas Eve, the Christ candle. This has been a very easy, lovely and meaningful way for our family to keep our faith as the center of the season. IMG_6503 IMG_6520 I am officially the mother of teenager! Teal turned thirteen-years-old yesterday. Somehow, she managed to get a three-day celebration with a party on Friday, hanging out at the mall (!!!) with a friend on Saturday, and celebrating her real birthday on Sunday. I love her. We gathered in the family room for the story of her birth last night, my favorite birthday tradition.IMG_6488 IMG_6494Until this weekend, we haven’t had any snow! That has allowed us to be out and hiking together much longer than usual. Did you see the photo above this last one? My goodness, the way the sunlight sparkled on my three children in those few moments was positively magical. That is why the decision about participating in our co-op has been so hard. I love having a group, but I am fully in love with being outside with my children.

I hope this post finds you well, friends. Thank you for taking the time to read.

2 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings!

  1. motheringwithmindfulness

    Wow, so many good things in this post. So happy the yarn made it to you, it is beautiful! A teenager, wow!! Happy birthday to her, and happy birthing day to you. Your nature adventures sound amazing! Enjoy then. And your home is lovely, it does look cozy, and warm. Enjoy the holiday season.

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Thank you Kim! You are so kind to read and comment. I have just been catching up on all the lovely goodness on your blog. I think I may join you in the 52 project next year. I love the photos and thoughts you post about Reece each week. Happy Holiday! xoxo Rachel


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