Yarn Along: New York State Sheep and Wool Festival

Back in the spring, my aunt suggested a trip to the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. New York is a long way from where I live in the west, but it sounded like a tremendous idea! After discussing my qualms with Mr. Mallard about being far away from my children for four nights, we decided that he would be able to hold the fort down and I purchased tickets! There were four of us on the trip, my aunt, her daughter (my cousin), my mother and I. It was my first time going to New York.IMG_6005We flew across the country on Thursday and our trip started off on the right foot when we happened upon a darling, and delicious, restaurant in Woodstock, NY.IMG_6007IMG_6010IMG_6012IMG_6013IMG_6015IMG_6020On Friday, and despite having flown 2000 miles the day before, I talk my mother into hopping into a rental car with me and driving another four hours to Palmyra, New York. When the trip was planned in the spring, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to visit a few historical sites related to my faith. I don’t write much about that on this blog, but I am a Mormon, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and I wanted to see where Joseph Smith had lived with his family as I am a descendent of one of his brothers. If you are interested in what a Mormon is, I highly recommend the new film “Meet the Mormons” that is probably playing in a theater near you. I just saw it last night and it was really well done!IMG_6025I didn’t mention that it was REALLY easy to talk my mom into going to Palmyra because she loves to drive! She suggested we go just a bit further to see Niagara Falls, which we caught at dusk. Thankfully, we drove back to the hotel safely and were able to catch a few hours of sleep before waking up for the festival.IMG_6029This is the beginning of the stream of cars pouring into the Dutchess County fairgrounds for the festival on Saturday morning. All the green you see was soon covered in cars! We were there early because my aunt had identified some items that were not to be missed during our visit. There really was a mad rush to get in line for some items!IMG_6030One of my favorite things about Rhinebeck was seeing all of the beautiful knitwear! My cousin and I were standing in line for Jenny the Potter when I just had to snap a photo of the beautiful, colorful, cabled sweaters in front of us!IMG_6031My wonderful traveling companions from left to right are my cousin, my mom and my aunt.IMG_6033IMG_6034IMG_6039IMG_6040IMG_6056Seeing the animals was another favorite of the festival. They were so delightful and some were so sweet and friendly that they wagged their little tails when you scratched behind their ears.IMG_6043Well, I guess you’re never to old to stick your face into a cutout. My cousin is on the left and that’s me on the right.IMG_6057On, Sunday, there was a fleece to fabric competition. I enjoyed watching the weavers.IMG_6068IMG_6073IMG_6075It’s always fascinating to watch herding dogs.IMG_6052IMG_6081

We enjoyed many good meals!IMG_6082And last, but not least, I picked up a turkish drop spindle and some beautiful roving to learn how to spin! My very first ball of handspun is in the back left corner, while a new round of single-ply is on the spindle. Yes, it’s lumpy and far from perfect, but I’m quite new to this! I am determined to spin all four ounces of roving, and soak it, and set the twist, so I have a skein of yarn that I can use.IMG_6077We had such a lovely trip!

Joining Ginny. Thank you for visiting!


12 thoughts on “Yarn Along: New York State Sheep and Wool Festival

  1. Camilla

    You lucky duck!
    It looks like the perfect autumn adventure. I bet you experienced some amazing and inspiring things. That drop spindle is gorgeous- have fun!
    I used to live here- my daughter was born in Rhinebeck, seeing your images makes me miss it so.

  2. Donna

    Welcome to the world of spinning! You got a lovely spindle too. We went to Rhinebeck on Sunday for a few hours and it was wonderful. I can’t wait until next year!

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Oh, wow, Lisa! I had no idea I was that close to you! It was a great trip. And now that I know how well my husband can do without me, there may be more travel in my future. Haha!

  3. Jean

    It’s good for us to get away from our children from time to time! Looks like a great trip. I love Niagara Falls, and the photos remind me of our county fair where I love visiting the fiber arts barn. This year, I was fascinated by the penny rugs and want to give that a try with my wool felt. Hope you are feeling refreshed!


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