Hitting Reset

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The little Waldorf coop we belong to was scheduled to go to a local Aviary this morning. It would have been fun and we love seeing our friends, but we needed a day out. Really out. In the mountains. We hadn’t seen the golden aspens nestled into the dark pines yet this year, and snow will soon fill up the canyons.

It was also a way for me to hit the reset button. I don’t know if you read Carrie’s post on The Parenting Passageway entitled How Old Are You? I have been feeling the way she described lately – although I love the home school lifestyle, I have been craving more time to myself. It may be the fact that the first block of seventh grade felt very uninspiring. Teal told me that ‘Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc’ by Mark Twain was the worst book I’ve ever made her read! Add to that the fact that I never got past the third chapter myself, and you see, it was just a recipe for disaster. I have also been feeling emotionally drained by activities I’m committed to, the responsibilities of a homemaker, and keeping up with plans my husband has. It feels like a big load to balance sometimes.

Even though we take a walk around our neighborhood every day, sometimes I’m desperate to get into nature; to drink the pine-scented air, to watch the squirrel wrangle a mushroom into the brush, to listen to the chatter of small mountain birds, to simply be with my children.

I found what I needed out there today. I will try not to wait so long next time.

How do you hit reset?

18 thoughts on “Hitting Reset

  1. Lisa

    Is that where we went hiking together awhile back? Now I’m homesick–for the place and the friends. 🙂 I’ve been trying to reset too, to change trajectories from what has been a pretty awful last few weeks. I am longing to get into the forest and go hiking and hopefully we will be able to do that in a couple of weeks. I just took 3 days off to plan. I gave the kids independent work to do and decided that I am not pushing through anymore (at least for awhile), I am taking the time I need to truly feel ready for the next blocks. I feel tons better after doing that!

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Yes, Lisa! It’s Cecret Lake. Ever since we hiked there with you two years ago, it’s been Jack’s favorite hike.

      It sounds like you’ve been feeling like I have! I’m glad you are taking the time off you need. For the last few weeks I’ve been giving the two big kids lists of everything they need to get done in a day and one of the things on the list says, “main lesson with mom.” We have been sticking to our rhythm, but within the rhythmic framework of meals, scriptures & walk they have the ability to work on things in the order they want. I call them for main lesson when I’m ready. I’m not sure how ‘to-do lists’ work in the Waldorf philosophy, but they have enjoyed having a list and a little personal freedom in how they get their work done.

      Miss you!

      1. Lisa

        That’s kind of what I’ve been doing with Dallin too. He has independent math, grammar, reading, and hopefully soon will also have spelling and vocabulary that are all assigned at the beginning of the week, and he can choose how and when to get it done. The only rule is that if it is not done by Friday, he has to do it on Saturday.

  2. motheringwithmindfulness

    What a beautiful place. Just stunning.

    You hit reset they way we hit reset, with time in nature. It has always been a place of peace and solace for me, and now it is the same for my little man. I remember taking him to the woods, in the carrier, when we would both be crying from a tough day, and that first step on the trail was such a relief. We would always come home renewed. And now, slightly older, he walks, runs and explores that trail on his own two feet, but it is still the place to two of us go when we need to clear our minds. Sounds like nature offers the same for you and your children.

    I hope you make plans to get back there soon.

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Thank you Kim! It really is rejuvenating to get out. I was so happy this go round because my littlest was able to do the whole hike up on her own two feet. That is a big shift for us, and makes me excited to hike more often.

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  4. ponderosatree

    I love to see little hiker kids! I think it is so, so good for them. I know it is good for me! I know no better way to hit the reset button.

  5. Camilla

    What a beautiful spot you live in- such gorgeous nature. I too homeschooled my 4 kids a few years back, I know how you feel and it is wonderful to be with them and wonderful to have a little space from them…balance 🙂 Natures seems to be right spot for everyone to relax and enjoy.

  6. Jean

    My reset is being outdoors too – just walking around the block can do it for me sometimes…one of the reasons that I love having a dog who needs to be walked. We skipped homeschool band this morning because we’re sick with colds; but truthfully, I so needed a day without a schedule. Just to sit on the couch under a blanket with a cup of tea and have space for my own thoughts. The whole concept of a solid rhythm works best if we can also recognize when we need to just toss it all in favor of something spontaneous and beautiful. So glad you found what you needed; we do need to give each other permission not to wait so long!

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Jean, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve got colds. I completely relate to the feeling of needing to stay home because of sickness, but being a bit thrilled that I can have a day without a schedule! Your comment about rhythm and spontaneity is so true. I hope you all get well quickly! ~Rachel

  7. Sheila / Sure as the World

    I have been thinking about your post all weekend. The boys were camping, so I spent a lot of time walking the dog around the hayfields and also inside with my art journal. Promise to hit publish on one of my own posts soon to add to this rich conversation.
    Have a great Monday.

    PS Can you email your address? I wanted to send your daughter a “brave” banner. (better late than never right?!) slpetruccelli@charter.net

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Oh, Sheila! She would love that! That is so very kind of you. I will email it today! And, I really am looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts. Hugs, Rachel

  8. violicious

    I was forced to hit reset by getting pneumonia. I was overdoing it. No time for myself, overscheduling, ridiculous homeschooling expectations. Now I have switched things around for lessons, cut out a few weeks activities or replaced them with more doable ones and go to bed early (number one importance). Crossings hat book off my list of reads, ha! Lovely photos.

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      I’m so sorry to hear that you had pneumonia! It’s not as nice when we are forced to reset, but for those who tend to go until they drop, sometimes that’s the only way.


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