IMG_5802 The tomatoes above are all from my garden (so are the cute little thyme sprigs!) In addition to plenty of cherry tomatoes and slicing tomatoes for regular use, I had enough extras this year to make two quarts of tomato passata. I saw the recipe for tomato passata on Soulemama’s blog and it seems to be one of the most useful tomato products ever. It’s basically tomatoes roasted with garlic and thyme that you puree and pass through a sieve to get a delicious tomato puree that’s perfect for any recipe.IMG_5752 These tomatoes are from the farmer’s market. I decided this was the year that I was going to try putting food by. I do make and freeze my own stocks, but I had never done anything with tomatoes. I made eight quarts of Tomato Basil Marinara using this recipe from Nourishing Meals and fourteen pints of salsa using a recipe from my mother in law. Teal was a huge help in chopping up all the peppers and onions!IMG_5824

IMG_5762 IMG_5788 IMG_5792 IMG_5795 IMG_5799 We attended an enjoyable local event to honor the United States Constitution last week. There were people dressed in costume who presented little monologues about historic persons and events. We listened to Joan of Arc (perfect for Teal who just finished studying Joan,) Columbus (who did an exceptional job!), a woman from the Mayflower, a boy from Jamestown, Thomas Jefferson and more. My favorite station was the one in which the children participated in six different games to learn about the phrases in the Preamble. Above, you can see the kids picking puzzle pieces off of a string to “form a more perfect union” and Pintail is “providing for the common defense.” It was a fun event that I hope to attend next year – especially as Teal will be studying US History.IMG_5817 IMG_5819 IMG_5820 We finished our first blocks! I hope to write some thoughts about perspective drawing soon, and Pintail was so excited for Norse Mythology. He has been eagerly anticipating this block for a LONG time. I have been so pleased with the effort he is putting into his drawings and projects.

Thank you for visiting me today! I would love to hear what has been occupying your days!

7 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. Lisa

    Where’d you find the time to do all that canning? Are you hiding some hours in the day that the rest of us homeschool moms don’t know about? I’m impressed! 🙂

    P.S. Dallin LOVES Pintail’s drawings.

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Lisa! Haha! It did take a lot of time. I did the marinara on a Saturday and let it cool in the fridge before freezing it on Monday. I started the salsa simmering Sunday night and finished canning it on Monday while the kids worked independently. Em really helped a lot!

      I love Sariah’s baptism pictures and your lake looks wonderful even on cold days. 🙂

  2. licoricelovinglady

    Pintail’s drawings are really impressive! They look like they took a lot of time and effort. It takes a lot more patience to fill a whole page with pencil instead of a sweep with the block crayon, doesn’t it? Well done! Cathy

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Cathy, Pintail says, “Thank you!” You are right, filling a page with a pencil takes real dedication. It took him a week to complete the first drawing, but I was very glad he persevered. It made him feel very good about his work.


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