Third Grade Practical Work Round Up

In the Waldorf third grade much time is spent on things of a practical nature. I wanted to share a few fun things we did that were part of this year of hands-on activities. IMG_4748 IMG_4750 IMG_4752 IMG_4753

IMG_5171IMG_5571We made potato towers as part of our garden. Pintail and I formed cylinders out of chicken wire that we twist-tied together, and then filled each cylinder with nested layers of straw and soil. All I had in my pantry the day we made these were some fairly new Yukon Gold potatoes. I wasn’t sure they would even work. Luckily, despite the newness of the potatoes and the fact that our dog kept tipping the towers over, last week we harvested enough potatoes for one meal. ONE MEAL. LOL

IMG_4856We visited an historic farm near our home. The kids were able to milk a cow (Pintail is pictured because it was “his” field trip) and after the milking, Wigeon excitedly said, “I pulled the cow’s milk out!” There were so many baby animals to see, too. It was a cuteness overload – especially with the baby goats.IMG_4905 IMG_4906  IMG_4908 IMG_4909 IMG_4911

IMG_5606 Pintail and I carved wooden spoons. The wood was from a discarded branch I found by the roadside, so I don’t even know what kind of wood it is. We took it home and sawed it to a reasonable spoon length and then used an ax to split the branch down the center. Pintail used one half of the branch and I used the other. The ax I had on hand was terrible so I bought a new nice ax and knives for this project. The ax and knives were recommended on the embedded video tutorial found on this website. This was a REALLY hard project. Really HARD! Maybe you can see in Pintail’s face above. Our arms would ache from the ax and whittling. Carving the bowl of the spoon was SO SO difficult. I think we both felt good about what we accomplished, but I set the spoons aside to work on this year, too. I wonder if Pintail will want to whittle more or just sand it down and be done.

Well, this wraps up my posts on third grade! What were your favorite third grade projects?

2 thoughts on “Third Grade Practical Work Round Up

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Thanks Kim! Third grade is definitely one of my favorite years to teach Waldorf-style. Well, I really love them all. I love, love, the Waldorf curriculum. 🙂


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