Seventh Grade Plans: Revised

After reading through many of the resources I have for seventh grade, then pondering and planning and pondering and planning again, I have revised our schedule for the upcoming year. These changes feel great and will give Teal’s seventh grade better flow. It may seem odd to have several short blocks on the Renaissance, but I really like the idea of intertwining the biographies and the sciences throughout the year.

  • Perspective Drawing & Math Review (2 wks) I am using Perspective Drawing by Hermann von Baravalle.
  • History: Brief Review & Joan of Arc (2 wks) I am planning to use Mark Twain’s Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc. I haven’t read it, yet, so I’ll let you know how it is when I do!
  • African Geography & Henry the Navigator (2 wks) (Yes, Carrie! I have been persuaded by you!) The spine of my history blocks are the appropriate chapters in The Age of Discovery by Kovacs. They provide a good general overview and are easily added to with library books or information found online.
  • Intro to Algebra (3 wks) I will follow the outline in Making Math Meaningful: A Middle School Math Curriculum by Jamie York
  • Explorers & South American Geography (3 wks) – This will include a review of the Vikings finding “Vinland,” then Columbus, Vespucci, Pizzaro and Magellan
  • Physics (3 wks)
  • Renaissance Astronomers (2 wks) – Copernicus, Tycho de Brahe, Kepler, Galileo (others?)

Christmas Break

  • Astronomy (3 wks)
  • Renaissance Artists (2 wks) – Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo (others?)
  • Physiology & Reproduction (4 wks)
  • The Reformation (2 wks) – Wycliffe, Gutenberg, Tyndale, Martin Luther, Calvin, and Knox (others?)
  • Geometry (3 wks)
  • Chemistry (3 wks)
  • History from Henry the VIII to America (2 wks)

We will be doing our creative writing exercises (Wish, Wonder, Surprise) throughout the year. I am thinking about doing an assignment every other Friday right now.

What a year! Thank you for visiting!

8 thoughts on “Seventh Grade Plans: Revised

  1. licoricelovinglady

    Wow. There is such a lot to cover – or, more to the point, that you could cover – as you move up in the grades. Thank you for posting your plans, it really helps to see some ideas and potential options. Although I’m starting to think about 5th grade material now (we’ve got 3 more blocks left for 4th) I’ll be sure to bookmark this post for future reference. Hope you’re having a lovely summer break. I’m sat by the fire with the rain pouring outside and we all have colds so I’m feeling very envious 🙂 Cathy

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Hello Cathy! I am terribly sorry that you all have colds and I hope you get better quickly! Summer has been nice so far, but it feels like it is flying past. I think summer gets busier and shorter seeming every year; and although it is nice, the heat can begin to be oppressive. The image of sitting by the fire with tea sounds quite lovely! 🙂 Which blocks do you have left?

      1. licoricelovinglady

        We’re doing local history next, then some fractions and finally I’ve decided to do a “History of Writing” block. I’ve discovered it’s a block for 4th in a lot of Steiner/Waldorf schools around the world. And as we still haven’t started cursive writing yet, I thought it might be a good way to bring it. I’ve been unable to find much information about it from a Waldorf perspective, so I’ll be starting from scratch writing this one.
        We go straight into 5th grade blocks after our spring break, but I’m still trying to decide which 2 blocks to do first. As we’ll also be winding down our year at that point, I want to choose subjects that are a) high interest – to keep us going and end on a positive and b) not too heavy on the academics. We might do some freehand geometry I think my ds would like that. Any suggestions?

      2. Mrs. Mallard Post author

        I really enjoyed our local history block, and the History of Writing sounds really intriguing – a great segue into the study of Ancient Cultures for fifth grade and cursive. Freehand geometry would be nice to begin fifth grade. My daughter enjoyed it and it isn’t as intensive to prepare as some of the other blocks. We also did botany near the beginning of fifth grade and that might work really well for you if your spring flowers will be coming up! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Martha

    Hi – I came to you from Carrie’s blog – thanks! It will be two more years before we circle back to Grade 7 again, so I will look forward to reading about how your year unfolds. We’ve got Gr. 5 and 9 on our own plates. I’m wondering whether you might tag this post with “Grade 7” so that is is captured in that blog category for easier findability later? 🙂 Back to my own planning work…

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Hi Martha! Thank you for visiting and thank you for suggesting the tag. I thought it was under grade 7! Oops. I would love to hear more about how you are approaching grade 9. Which resources have you found most helpful? Best, Rachel


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