Culture Night and Quail

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In the church I belong to, there are youth groups for youth ages 12-18. I am working with the young women ages 12-13 right now (Teal’s group). This means we meet for about an hour every Sunday for religious lessons and we meet one week night per week for about an hour and a half for service projects, lessons, games, or anything else spiritually uplifting! Last week we had a wonderful “Culture Night” for all youth in which three members of our church community who moved to the U.S. from different countries came and taught us a little about their former countries. They were also kind enough to bring in samples of food! We heard about China, Ghana & Argentina. It was such a great night, and I made a mental note to remember to seek out people from other countries when we do geography blocks from now on. Most people are happy to talk about the country they come from and it’s so enlivening!


A few days ago, we found nine baby quail in our back yard. Our dogs had scared the mother quail away and the babies were running about all willy-nilly. Once the dogs were put back in the house, the mama flew back into the yard and started running around and calling for her babies. It was magical to hear them peeping loudly, calling for mama, and hear her call them back into the shrubs with a three note call that sounded like, “Come over here! Come over here!”

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