Finished Goods

Oh, my! It has been a while since I’ve participated in Ginny’s yarn along.  In my blogging absence I’m pleased to say there have been three FFOs (Finally Finished Objects – I just made that up) and two UFOs (Unfinished Objects) that I’ll share today. That brings my ravelry project total to thirteen… (Go ahead and laugh.)

First up the Annabel Cardigan.  Remember when I started it, two years ago!  Well, I finished it in the fall! Yay! I gifted it to Teal.


Wigeon’s Immie Tee!  I consider this my magnum opus as far as knitting goes.  I started it in blue so long ago, but frogged it and ordered the Quince and Co. yarn.  I love it!


Mr. Mallard’s Turkish Bed Socks.  I have quite an obsession with these socks, especially because a talented knitter at my local yarn store came up with a way to knit them WITHOUT seams. Many thanks to my mother who gifted me the class so I could learn how!

IMG_4325 IMG_4326

This is the Peak Hat.  I was gifted this class, too! (Thanks mom! I did end up frogging due to a hole I couldn’t figure out, but I look forward to knitting it again.)


Pintail chose black for his Children’s Bulky Neck Down Jacket. (I was a little bummed, because black, but I’m knitting it for him and that’s what he wanted.) I saw this pattern on Our Ash Grove and thought it was darling! I knit it to the pockets, but felt like it was too roomy, so rather than frog, I started on the other end of the yarn and knit it out.  Then I had two jackets to try on and determine which size fit better!


Teal and I are reading The Bronze Bow.  Pintail and I are reading Starry River of the Sky.

Thanks for visiting!

10 thoughts on “Finished Goods

  1. kyce

    Hello there and thank you for saying hello to me over at Old Recipe. It is lovely to visit your space here, and see your gorgeous knitting and get a glimpse of your days. Wonderful main lesson book, too!


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