Don’t It Always Seem to Go…


You know the song. The Counting Crows made a remake of it that is muzak wherever you turn.  Well, that’s the way I felt about my blog.  I really was done, and I mulled over it for months, but I couldn’t cancel it.  So I started singing, “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you want ’til it’s gone,” and realized that’s how I felt about my blog.  So, I’m here again.  Ready to share the things I enjoy most; homeschooling, knitting, and pieces from my life.  Thanks to my followers, especially those that typed in their email addresses when I posted that I was done here.  Thanks for visiting this spot.  I hope to provide ideas for your Waldorf homeschool, homeschooling in general, or just a comfortable place to come and visit.


Mrs. Mallard

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