Falling Into Our New Rhythm


I read a quote on Facebook last week that said something to the effect that we were leaving the long, lazy days of summer behind and beginning the busy season of school and activities.  Not for me!  Our summer was busy, and hectic, and far from lazy.  I am so content to have moved into our predictable, wonderful, fall school schedule. Because this summer was busy, I didn’t get nearly as much school planning done as I have in the past.  I was able to create a block layout I was pleased with, I ordered all curricula helps I wanted, and I prepared our daily rhythm.  I planned everything necessary for our first blocks and off we went.  The truth is, I’m not nearly as stressed about it as I thought I would be! Yes, I will have to read and plan as part of my daily and weekly schedule, but now that I have almost four (4!) years of homeschooling under my belt I feel like I can handle it.

Our blocks look like this:

Grade 6


Business Math


Roman History


Medieval History

Physics 1

European Geography

Physics 2

Grade 3

Measurement: Time

Garden/ 7 Grains

Hebrew Studies: Creation


Measurement: Dry & Liquid

Measurement: Linear

Language Arts: Basic Parts of Speech

Math: Long Division and Multiplication

Language Arts: Four Sentence Types



I used Eugene Schwartz’s lectures for the first time in planning sixth grade.  I found them quite useful.  I bought the “budget” lectures, but perhaps for seventh grade I will buy the “Online Conference.”

Our daily rhythm underwent some major tweaking this year, too. For a long while, I was caught up in doing our work in the Head, Heart, Hands structure (i.e. academics first, then foreign language or music, then handwork) because that’s what is done in a Waldorf school.  I was trying to cram both main lessons into our morning and it wasn’t working for me!  Our new rhythm seems so much more open and I feel like we have more time in the day to get everyone’s work done!  Plus there is time for me to meet the needs of my toddler.

Here is our new daily rhythm:

Rise, Chores & Piano, Breakfast, Morning Devotional & Scripture Study

Walk & Snack

Main Lesson 1 (each grades age child gets their main lesson in the AM twice a week)

Lunch & Rest

Main Lesson 2 (each grades age child gets their main lesson in the PM twice a week)

One day a week is different and includes piano lessons, a trip to the library, spanish, and handwork.

There is no formal circle this year!  The grades children get all their movement, poetry, and songs as part of their own main lesson. For my toddler, I sing seasonal songs on our walk and do verses and finger plays throughout the day.  I got this idea from the Waldorf Community Exchange, in which a teacher wrote about the fact that her circle was just part of being outside. She would do songs and verses and poems with the children as they played and they didn’t even realize it they were doing a “circle.” Speaking of my toddler, there is one more thing I would like to add to each day. I think it would be beneficial to structure the days more like a Waldorf Kindergarten and make sure there is a daily activity she can weave in and out of while I’m working with the older children.  (e.g. Monday, play dough; Tuesday, painting; etc.)

Are you glad to be back into a fall rhythm?


3 thoughts on “Falling Into Our New Rhythm

  1. Lisa

    I am definitely glad to be back in a rhythm. I think there was too much “space” and outbreathing in our summer; it is nice to be back to a better structured and more definition to our days. My plan is similar to yours in that I am now doing a main lesson in the morning and one in the afternoon. Although part of the plan has been derailed by my toddler deciding he no longer needs to take naps. It’s OK, because the snew schedule still builds in more time for me to spend with him in the day, so he is happier even if a bit more tired. After two weeks of math review, with a bit of unheaval including a change in curriculum to Life of Fred, and then a week of botany that went well, we have started India, which is going wonderfully. First grade is going nicely too.

  2. Mrs. Mallard Post author

    Lisa, I have always wondered about Life of Fred. I look forward to hearing what you think about it! Naps aren’t a daily occurrence around here any more, either. Some days that is harder than others, but like you, I am glad to have a little more wiggle room in our schedule to accommodate toddler needs.

    1. Lisa

      I am loving Life of Fred so far. Dallin was just hating math so much and had so much anxiety about it. I was afraid we were in for a very long year. I decided to get the Life of Fred fractions book to review what we had learned last year, none of which he could seem to remember. We are doing it in between math blocks for his daily math practice. I felt the most important thing was for math to be fun, and Lof F would bring some humor to it. He loves it! Sometimes he even does more than one chapter per day.


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