Bed Socks and a Bit of Gluttony





I have one Turkish Bed Sock nearly finished! I need to sew up the two side openings and then it will be done.  I have already cast on the second sock though, because I decided to finish up all the seams together at the end.  It has been a fun pattern to knit and I have yarn ready for a second pair.  (But I won’t be using said yarn for a while because I have THREE other projects I’m ready to cast on!  I’ve been a bit of a yarn glutton this past week.  Scroll down to the end of this post and you’ll see what I mean!)



Teal and I learned how to do a provisional cast on today.  She has just begun a pair of Camp Out Fingerless Mitts.  (The picture directly above is the pattern photo.)  They are really cute, aren’t they?


Pintail is still plugging away on his Spring Valley Horse, a pattern we got from Melisa Nielsen.  Oh, he just has to finish this soon.  It’s dragging on like nobody’s business!

I have done a little yarn hoarding this week (as I alluded to at the beginning of the post.)  I bought yarn to knit Wigeon this sweater.


It’s the Immie.  Oh, you’ve heard me talk about that before, right?  Lot’s of times!  Yeah, well I got frustrated and frogged the whole thing.  Now I’m starting over with the Quince yarn.  I have to hustle because the pattern only goes up to age two and Wigeon’s already there!

While on the Quince site, I was tempted into buying yarn for these mitts.


I love them.  They are so cool looking I think!

I had a ten dollar credit at my local yarn store, so I bought a skein of Madelinetosh to make the Honey Cowl because everybody’s doing it.

And last (but certainly not least!) I was gifted with enough gorgeous MillaMia to make Wigeon this beautiful dress.


So much to do and so little time!  What are you working on?

Thank you for dropping by!

Mrs. Mallard

P.S. I never really wanted to have a stash.  I always intended to buy and knit as I went along, but here I am.  Now I have a stash.  Now I have projects looming. AH!  The stress of it all!

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14 thoughts on “Bed Socks and a Bit of Gluttony

  1. ninnynoodlenoo77

    Oh that bedsock yarn is scrumptious! The bedsock looks lovely too and I bet would make a fantastic slipper with some sewn on soles! (My slippers have given up the ghost on me and with recent snow here, warm feet are very much on my mind!)

    I’ve been considering Immie for a while.

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Thank you for visiting ninnynoodlenoo! I bet the bed sock would make a great slipper if you soled it. If you start the Immie let me know. I’d love to see how it turns out!

  2. Amber Hellewell

    Gorgeous!!! I love what you have done. If you ever want to knit me something I am totally up for a trade (hint, hint) I am so inspired by how quickly you are learning these skills!

  3. lori

    i’ve had those slippers queued forever, and the camp out mitts, your slippers look wonderful! i’m the same way about stash yarn, i’m good for awhile and then it happens again, ah well

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  5. Fiona

    Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa.
    Love the Turkish Bed Socks:)))
    Could someone M I G H T Y big pLeAsE forward me the pattern;’)
    Instruction video will also be great:)
    Many thanks Xxx


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