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Wigeon turned two last week!  She is the happiest, most gentle little girl I know.  I am so glad she is part of our family!  Her birthday started with a very special scavenger hunt created by Teal and Pintail. (You can see a blurred image of Pintail carrying her around.  Most of the photos are blurred this time around. Sorry!)  Teal and Pintail also decorated her door with streamers, which she loved.

I made my first-ever felt crown for Wigeon’s birthday.  I embellished it with two little needle-felted flowers and her needle-felted initial right up front (although the initial is not in the photos.)  I plan to add a flower or bird or person every year, so that by the time she is big her crown will be filled.  I thought it would be sweet to have the felted image grow with her.   The beautiful yellow playsilk in the photos was hand-dyed by my friend Amber.  You can buy them at HearthMagic.

Happiest of Birthdays Wigeon!  I love you!

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