Welcome to Ducks in the Pond!

Thank you so very much for visiting me in my new space!  I have been contemplating a move for a while and finally got the nerve to leave the old nest (pun completely intended.)  I look forward to what this new space has to offer.  Posts from the old blog should be migrated within the next month (another completely intended pun).  Have a terrific day!

Mrs. Mallard

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Ducks in the Pond!

  1. Sheila

    Love your new space! I have tons of questions about why you switched and whatnot, but really none of that is important. Glad you are on WP – I signed up to follow.

    1. ducksinthepond Post author

      Thank you Sheila! The long and short of why I switched is that I wasn’t very happy with typepad’s interface. I constantly lost posts before they were saved and I couldn’t figure out how to get many things to work. I’m not very computer savvy so I need something easy to use. So far, so good, here. (I also saved money and got a .com address!)


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