Sick Happens


Wouldn’t you know it?!  Half a week back into school and we get sick.  We had a variety of symptoms, and although I’m pretty sure it was the common cold for most of us, Teal complained of achy-ness, chills, aversion to light, “noodle-legs,” etc., but her fever didn’t run as high as a “flu” fever, so I guess we’ll never know.
We fought our ickiness with homemade stocks of chicken and beef, lots of vitamin c, elderberry syrup, essential oil foot rubs, and lots of rest.  I tried to do a pared down version of school for the first two days, but it quickly became apparent that what we needed most was rest and books and time to get better.  It’s weird, but when my children attended an away-from-home school, I didn’t bat an eye about them having a sick day.  I wanted them to stay home, recover, and not share their germs with others.  Now that we homeschool, however, we hardly miss a day because of sickness and I find that I have to convince myself that it is OK to take time off to recover! I love that we don’t miss any academics, though.  We can just jump right back in where we left off.
We had a huge storm roll through our area on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  We got about 34 (THIRTY-FOUR!!) INCHES of snow at my house!  I was so proud of myself for making a weekly menu and grocery list and heading to the store before the storm arrived on Thursday.  It felt very nice to be at home with plenty of food for the tail end of our recovery – not to mention that I didn’t have to drive ANYWHERE in the hilly, snowy mess around my home.
Thank you for visiting!
Mrs. Mallard
p.s. Typepad isn’t letting me insert returns between paragraphs. Sorry about the run-ons!

3 thoughts on “Sick Happens

  1. Lisa

    I hope you are all better! We were all pretty much knocked out by illness. Our symptoms sound pretty similar to yours. We had to delay starting school by a week. I felt guilty too… had to remind myself that we homeschool, so it’s all OK.

  2. JustToSay

    Thanks Kelleyn! I love keeping up with you guys on your blog, too! Your upcoming adoption is so marvelous!
    Hi Lisa! I popped over and read through your holiday adventures. I’m sorry about Sariah’s arm and all of your sickness. My kids were so bummed that your kids weren’t at the Three Kings festival. We hope to see you guys for the candle dipping!


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