On My Needles for Christmas

Joining with Frontier Dreams’ Keep Calm Craft On, Tuesday

Ginny’s Yarn Along, Wednesday

In order to get everyone in the family something hand-knit for Christmas,  I settled on knitting a hat or headband for each of my four dearest family members.  I am working on the London Beanie for Pintail.  It’s a cute pattern, free, and is knitting up very quickly.  Pintail chose the colors – I asked him to pick two colors he liked at the yarn store without letting him know what I was making for him.  I’m using Jaeger Matchmaker, a nice merino aran.  The white-looking yarn is actually a bluish-gray.

For Teal I have chosen the Diana Headband and a beautiful aqua alpaca yarn.

Mr. Mallard gets the Turn A Square in Cascade 220 and Noro Silk Garden.

For Wigeon I am hoping to finish the Immie.  Hoping.  (Just in case I bought a small skein of lavender wool/silk for a quick knit hat.)

Do you have any handmade plans for Christmas? (Or other seasonal holiday?)

Thanks for visiting!

Mrs. Mallard

P.S.  Please don’t let my loved ones know what is coming their way… xo

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