Homeschool Glimpse: October 2012

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Hi!  This is a little glimpse into the “Main Lesson” content of our homeschool. The Main Lesson is the subject which occupies the bulk of time each day for a few weeks, usually two to six.  After learning and practicing new main lesson concepts, the children record their “best” work into their Main Lesson Book as a record of what we have covered.

Circle Songs and Verses for Toddler

                    Halloween Cat, Halloween Cat,

                    Why do you moan and groan like that?

                    Neither I, nor the moon, like your tune!

                    So, scat, Halloween Cat!

  • I’m Not Scared

                    There’s something moaning in the old oak tree.

                    There’s something groaning in the old oak tree.

                    But, I’m not scared ’cause I’m safe inside.

                    I’m not scared but I think I’ll hide.

  • Five Little Ghosts

                    Five little ghosts on Halloween night

                    Made a very spooky sight.

                    The first one danced on his tiptoes.

                    The second one stumbled and bumped his nose.

                    The third one jumped up in the air.

                    The fourth one walked like a circus bear.

                    The fifth one sang a Halloween song.

                    Five little ghosts played the whole night long.

  • Scarecrow, Scarecrow

                    Scarecrow, Scarecrow turn around.

                    Scarecrow, Scarecrow touch the ground.

                    Scarecrow, Scarecrow reach up high.

                    Scarecrow, Scarecrow touch the sky.

                    Scarecrow, Scarecrow bend down low.

                    Scarecrow, Scarecrow touch your toes.

 2nd Grade

Animal Legends 


                Animal Legends was a language arts block in which we discussed and practiced using quotation marks in writing.  (Donna doesn’t reccommend working on quotes for this block.  It was just something I knew my second grader was ready for.)



Rather than draw a new picture, we just glued the shadow puppets in the MLB.





Hare and crocodile sculpted from beeswax.

This may be my favorite painting so far! From The Old Man and the Bear.

Mural from “Foolish Words.”


  • Pirate Wind by Mary Jane Carr (from the Waldorf Book of Poetry)

The autumn wind’s a pirate,
Blustering in from sea;
With a rollicking song, he sweeps along,
Swaggering boist’rously.

His skin is weather-beaten;
He wears a yellow sash,
With a handkerchief red about his head.
And a bristling black mustache.

He laughs as he storms the country,
A loud laugh and a bold;
And the trees all quake and shiver and shake,
As he robs them of their gold.

The autumn wind’s a pirate,
Pillaging just for fun;
He’ll snatch your hat as quick as that,
And laugh to see you run!

5th Grade

Ancient Mythology: India, Persia, Babylon, and Egypt


        In October we studied India, Persia, and Mesopotamia (Babylon).  We are finishing Egypt this week.  I have found this block to be very enjoyable.  Even though we had read some of the “history” in A Story of the World, vol. 1 a few years ago, I loved the stories and presentation Donna included in her Ancient Mythology book.  It felt so much more alive.  One afternoon after starting the version of the Mahabharata included in Simmons’ Ancient Mythology, my fifth grader said she kept thinking about a story she wanted to hurry and finish reading, but then remembered it was from our Main Lesson so she would have to wait until tomorrow.

    I think my favorite activity of this block was writing a theatrical scene from Gilgamesh the Hero.  Donna gives a couple of recommendations of scenes she thinks would work well, but my daughter and I felt like the best scene for a write-up was the one in which Gilgamesh meets Siduri.  It really lends itself to interesting and engaging dialogue.




This layout was inspired by Schooling From the Heart.








We tried needled felting for the first time! 





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Mrs. Mallard

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