Cyber Self-Consciousness


I suddenly got self-conscious about my postings a few weeks ago.  I started thinking things like: I probably shouldn’t have used my children’s real names on this blog.  I shouldn’t have used my real name.  What if my kids grow up and feel embarrassed or upset by things I share on my blog?  What if they don’t want the world to know about them?  And, well…I still don’t know.  What if?

Do you ever feel that way?

I have been here plugging away on our everyday lives.  In addition to school, some of the things I’ve been doing include:

  • making my own beef stock out of marrow bones
  • making cream cheese and whey
  • using the whey to make fermented ginger carrots. (They’ll be done tomorrow!)
  • enjoying massive amounts of snow!  
  • starting a few small knitting projects for Christmas.
  • thinking about Christmas and all that I still need to get done.
  • enjoying my new assignment as the nursery song leader. (18 mo.- 3 yo.) at my church. I’m still an activity days leader (8-11 yo. girls) too.  We had a great trip to a local food pantry this past week.

Tonight we are going to have soup and a lantern walk with our local Waldorf group.  We just put the finishing touches on our lanterns this morning.

I hope you are well.  Thank you for dropping by.

Mrs. Mallard



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