Homeschool Glimpse: August and September 2012

Joining Waldorf Wednesday!

Hi!  This is a little glimpse into the “Main Lesson” content of our homeschool. The Main Lesson is the subject which occupies the bulk of time each day for a few weeks, usually two to six.  After learning and practicing new main lesson concepts, the children record their “best” work into their Main Lesson Book as a record of what we have covered.

This year, I decided to have my fifth grader keep all of her main lesson work in a three ring binder.  I’m not loving it.  It isn’t as beautiful as filling out pages in a traditional bound main lesson book.  We have ended up with a lot of white pages filled with writing.  At this point I’m not sure whether I’m going to have her continue in the binder or just start making books.  I thought I would save money by using a binder, but the sheet protectors and drawing paper that fits in them were quite expensive and I think traditional books would have been less expensive.  I was also hoping to do away with the pain of making mistakes in a book, but we are going through quite a lot of drawing paper before anything goes in the binder.  Maybe it would be better to learn to be more careful or fix mistakes in creative ways. 

Circle Songs and Verses for Toddler – (I found that if I gear my circle toward the toddler, the big kids love to join in!) 

  • “Our Time Hello”
  • “Roly Poly”
  • “Walk Along, Rover”
  • “The Dog Went to Dover”

Circle songs and verses this month are from the Kindermusik curriculum. I did this program with my older children.

2nd Grade

Form Drawing and Fables















5th Grade







    I don’t have any pictures!  We had a great time following the suggestions in the Key to… books, like making a trundle wheel out of a bike tire, and going on a drive to see how long some common distances were and how the odometer worked.  We  also worked a lot on converting inches to feet to yards and vice-versa.



  • “Kind Hearts are Gardens” by R. Steiner
  • “One is the Sun” from The Waldorf Book of Poetry

Thank you for stopping by!  I would love to hear what you have been doing this school year to date.

Mrs. Mallard


7 thoughts on “Homeschool Glimpse: August and September 2012

  1. Lisa

    I love it! It is nice having the bound books. Corbin draws a lot in his books and it is nice to not have papers all over the place as much. We are getting ready to turn the garden over for fall. I am still enjoying tomatoes and peppers and a few ground cherries, but probably next week we will go outside and prepare for the winter. (It is 80 here today) The kids are all still attending the public schools. Daylen and Emma took a homeschool day 😉 a couple weeks ago. We applied for their passports and had the rest of the day together. I enjoyed it. I am enjoying running and biking and free time, but I miss having the kids home. You are doing an awesome job!

  2. Sheila

    Hey Rachel,
    This is the first year we have used MLB – honestly I was afraid of them. I find I still have to give my 5th grader something to copy – especially with orienting something on the page. If there were world enough and time, I would make a MLB as part of my planning, but that is not going to happen for every block we do. I did do it for the grade 1 letters block and that worked out really well.
    Can I ask you how you taught cursive? Did you use a program or just practice by copying your cursive? That is something we have not gotten to. We are doing much more form drawing this year and I feel like that is setting the stage, but I don’t know how to “teach” cursive. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    I loved your hike photos. Snow in October! Wow!

  3. JustToSay

    Lisa, Thank you so much visiting and commenting! It’s good to hear from you! How lucky to still be enjoy things from your garden. Mine pooped out about mid-August. I’m going to move the beds next year and see if things go better. And passports?! That sounds exciting! Will you post where you are headed on FB? xoxo Rachel

  4. JustToSay

    Hi Sheila! I still have to give ideas of what to put in the MLBs, too. I try and give my kids examples of my own work or just sit and draw it with them, but sometimes I just don’t have time, so I give them a picture of someone else’s work to copy (yep). That being said, both of my kids are pretty happy coming up with their own ideas of what to draw if I ask them to on occasion.
    I actually used a Zaner-Bloser handwriting book for Emmeline, because I didn’t really know how to teach it either. 🙂 My plan for Jack next year is to make a cursive MLB using the three block-crayon stripes like you see above in a couple of the pictures (blue for letters that reach to heaven, yellow for letters that sit in the sunshine, and red for letters that go into the earth.) I’ll just have a page per letter, lines to practice, and a few words that contain the letter so he can practice how it hooks to other letters in a word. I haven’t seen stories to teach cursive, but I don’t mind. It’s more of a “here’s how the lines go – go practice” type thing to me. Hope that helps? Thanks for visiting!

  5. JustToSay

    Sheila, one more thing… When I have the kids come up with their own pictures to draw in their MLB, we always discuss what they will draw first. Discussing how they see their picture seems to help them not feel overwhelmed. Maybe that didn’t need to be said. LOL


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