Practicing New Skills

I love watching Wigeon practice new skills.  It’s amazing that children possess innate knowledge of what their body needs to know to progress in ability.  Now that she is comfortable walking, she has been practicing stepping up onto objects, stepping over gaps or sticks, and stepping on things.  When she stepped on the stick above, it rolled under her foot pitching her forward, but she didn’t get upset. She just seemed to to file that experience away under cause and effect and not repeat it.
I have been practicing new skills, too.  After never taking a real drawing class in my life, I’m struggling to learn how to draw so I can bring it to my children as part of our school work.  It is very difficult for me.  One thing I’m really trying to work on right now is centering my drawings.  For some reason everything I produce is off center to the left.  I would have never guessed that drawing something in the center of the page would be so hard!
Brahma – I need to work on faces big time!

“AUM” left of center. Idea from Sara. Look how centered her image is!
I will never be considered a wonderful artist, but I enjoy trying these new skills.
What new skill are you practicing?
Mrs. Mallard

2 thoughts on “Practicing New Skills

  1. Cathy

    Rachel, I think your artwork is lovely. It is interesting about drawing to the left. Have you done lots of mirrored forms? I wonder if that would help? I always find the right side of mirrored forms quite difficult……..I tend to do the right side of the form further away from the centre line. I have never noticed if my drawings are uncentred. I will have to look now! Thanks for posting your pictures.


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