Happy Tuesday!   I’ve been having a hard time making sit-down time for the computer lately.  It’s easy to check Facebook or Pinterest from my phone, but actual “computer” time is so difficult!  In truth, I love reading blogs and sharing our lives a bit here, but it has to come after all of the “real work” is done in our house.  And after several weeks of laundry glaring at me from various locations, a dearth of home-cooked meals, and all of our outside commitments, I decided I needed to refocus on the maintenance of my home a bit.

Here are some of the things we’ve been up to.

We had a wonderful, peaceful morning some time last week. I love it when those mornings come along.  They are what make homeschooling beautiful for me. 


The hills changed color and we took it in as best we could on our morning walks.


We had fun with a shadow puppet play from the Christopherus second grade curriculum.




After three years of Waldorf homeschooling, I finally decided I could bring Michaelmas to my children in an authentic way.  (Maybe, I need to write more about that another time.)  We used the bread recipe from A Journey Through Waldorf Homeschooling grade 2 for the dragon bread. All I had for decorations were red-hots and tortilla chips!



I decided to break up all my chalk and store it in little jars the way Melisa does at her home.   I do love the Prang Ambrite chalk, but I’ve never used Mercurius.  My favorite FAVORITE white chalk of all time is ALPHA Chalk.  It is so creamy and lucious.  Both of these were chalks recommended on Waldorf Reviews.com 


It really made it easy when I drew the pictures for our main lessons yesterday.


Picture idea from Christopherus Animal Legends

Picture idea from this Pinterest board, although I’m sure it’s from the now private Our Little Nature Nest blog.

What has been happening in your neck of the woods?

Mrs. Mallard

4 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. Mama

    I love the Shadow puppets too!
    We are beginning our first year of Waldorf homeschooling using Christopherus’ 3rd Grade Curriculum. Are you guys using it this year? I’m wondering how the 2nd and 3rd grade differ since 3rd grade is such a “different” year than the rest.
    Your chalkboard drwiing is so beautiful.

  2. JustToSay

    Thanks Alexis! Unfortunately, it’s far from ideal, but I’m enjoying myself. 🙂
    Hi Mama! I’m not using the full Christopherus curriculum for second grade. Over the years I’ve purchased most of the guides they sell separately, so I didn’t feel a need to buy the whole curriculum. I also use ideas from A Journey Through Waldorf Homeschooling and the Waldorf Home Educators yahoo group. I did buy the entire Christopherus 5th grade package though, and I like it. Although we could never cover everything she has planned, it’s nice to have good ideas. Hope you are enjoying your first week!


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