The Sacred and Holy Work of a Mother’s Hands

I attended a small Waldorf homeschooling conference run by Melisa Nielsen on Saturday.  In one section of the workshop, we were able to work on modeling with three materials: beeswax, play dough, and clay.  As we were modeling, we took turns sharing our thoughts about how we use our hands to bless our children.  I loved the mother’s responses: holding babies, tender touches, holding the space at bedtime, caring for baby’s physical needs like diapering, and preparing food.  Our wonderful hands are used all day long as we carry out the “work” of mothering and guiding our home.

A few weeks ago, I was able to walk through the Brigham City, Utah, temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints during an open house.  I became emotional upon seeing two paintings hanging in the stairwells.   As you can see below, one is a woman gathering peaches, and the other, a woman gathering apples. 


Painting by Valoy Eaton



Painting by Valoy Eaton

Seeing these paintings in what is considered the most holy building of my faith, made me reflect on the fact that day to day work can be sacred (entitled to reverence and respect; highly valued and important) and holy (having a divine quality.)

Now, as I look at my hands on the keyboard, I can’t believe how dry they are.  There are three cracks on my knuckles.   There are age spots appearing.  I think they are so wrinkly compared to other women’s hands.  But, I am grateful they can bless my children through touch and action.  I am grateful they can carry on the sacred and holy work of running a house. I hope to be mindful of that as I perform my daily duties.

Mrs. Mallard

5 thoughts on “The Sacred and Holy Work of a Mother’s Hands

  1. Mama

    I feel very moved by this writing. Speechless, in fact. That’s a rarity and I will be thinking more about why I am so moved by what you have written. Perfect.

  2. Tyler

    I am looking for one of these two paintings to give to my mom for Christmas. This is the only place on the internet that I have been able to find these pictures. Can you tell me how you found them, or how I can find them?


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