Form Drawing: Mirrored Forms

Form drawing is unique to Waldorf Education.  It is the practice of having a young child learn to draw a “form” – or some type of line – by walking it, drawing it in the air, drawing it with chalk,  or in the sand, until finally the child is able to “own” the form and put it on paper.  At the very least, form drawing improves handwriting, and more abstractly, form drawing is said to improve the “will” (the ability to “do” things,) and balance a child’s temperament or even his or her spirit/body connection.  Our first year of Waldorf homeschooling I was skeptical about form drawing, but as we kept at it I noticed that my children really enjoyed the challenges presented by mastering new forms.  

This year my second grader is working on mirrored forms.  As the name implies, mirrored forms are ones which have a mid-line on the paper and form mirror images of one another on each side of the mid-line.   This week, my second grader was having a hard time with one of the forms and I came up with this activity to help him.

Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half.


Paint the form on one half of the paper.


Fold the paper in half to transfer the wet paint.


Open the paper to reveal the “mirrored” form.

Paint over the mirrored form for practice.


What are your favorite ways to teach form drawing?  Thanks for visiting!

Mrs. Mallard

2 thoughts on “Form Drawing: Mirrored Forms

  1. Thomas Wildgruber

    from Eva Mailaender I received the tip to look at this page.
    I am pleased that my book is an aid for art lessons.
    Form drawing in the book is only a very small section.
    I still have a lot of pictures and ideas.
    For training in the next time I travel to Colombia and Spain. There I’ll teach form drawing and other art topics for teachers.
    I would love for once to come to USA.

    1. Mrs. Mallard Post author

      Mr. Wildgruber, It is a pleasure to have you drop by! I love your book! It is especially helpful for me because I do not have an artistic background. I look forward to trying many of your suggested drawings and paintings with my children. Thank you for your inspiring work!


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