We went to Hawaii last week.  It was my first time.  We stayed on Oahu at a lovely place called Turtle Bay Resort. (Yes, we did one week of school before our trip.  But hey!  How nice is it to have a vacation at the beginning of the year?!)


My husband, son, and daughter saw two green sea turtles while snorkeling in the bay.  We also saw some turtles resting on a nearby beach.


We visited the Polynesian Cultural Center where there were some fun activities, some island food if you wanted to try it, and a great show filled with ethnic dances.




I spent early mornings and afternoon nap time on our lanai with my knitting and a beautiful view.  (I was glad the atmosphere was pleasant because I spent nearly the entire time trying to fix a knitting mistake I made while trying to knit with a toddler on my lap during the flight to the island. And, yes, I did put my toes on the internet. Hmm.)



And the beach!  Oh, the beach!






But if you ask my kids what their favorite part of the trip was, they will tell you it was hanging out with their cousins for a week.


Thanks for visiting!

Mrs. Mallard

One thought on “Hawaii

  1. Sara

    How amazing! I’ve never been to Hawaii– what a wonderful experience it must have been for your family. The kids look like they are having such a blast in the pictures. And of course I’m chuckling about your vacation knitting; I can totally relate to this. 🙂 Whatever you’re making looks lovely though.


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