On the Needles and Nightstand

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along

I am a couple of inches into a new sweater for my toddler: the Immie from Quince and Co. (Ginny’s daughter is wearing the Immie on her banner!)  I’m not using Quince’s yarn, but I absolutely LOVE the stuff I’m working with.  It’s JaggerSpun Zephyr, a 50/50 blend of wool and silk gifted from my mom.  The yarn is so soft and light and yummy, it’s a pleasure to handle.  It seems like the sweater is going to turn into a delicate little thing that will look stunning on top of a gray linen winter dress (or some-such as I have yet to find assuming I figure out how to do the sleeves…)  The lame picture makes the yarn look royal blue, but it’s actually a deep teal.  Gorgeous!

I must confess that I’m actually not reading anything this week.  I just finished our school planning and read so much that I thought knitting would be a good break.  I do have two books on my nightstand that I’m dying to get into.  Both were written by ladies from my high school graduating class – Breaking Beautiful by Jennifer Shaw Wolf and The Sand Bar by Rebecca Bryan.

What are you working on or reading?

Mrs. Mallard


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