What Waldorf Looks Like in My Home

I don’t own a single Ostheimer figure, my play silks are play polyesters, and our nature table has been the garden this summer, but I’m feeling happier than ever about what “Waldorf” looks like in my home.

Right now:

  • I study and strive to meet the needs of each child based on their developmental stage.
  • I pray for Heavenly Father’s guidance in raising my children.
  • I treat our home as the nucleus of activities and am home as much as possible.
  • I endeavor to maintain a predictable rhythm of activities and chores with the children.
  • I work daily on connection and showing increased love and patience to my children.
  • I limit my children’s exposure to media of all kinds, and encourage free and outdoor play.
  • I do my best to teach my children academic skills and knowledge in a lively and art-filled way.

I feel like Waldorf Education has introduced me to ideas that help me focus on my real objective as a mother; bringing my children to Christ so that they, “may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.”

Perhaps Waldorf isn’t your vehicle, but I bet you are already doing the things I listed above, too!  May you be blessed as you walk your parenting path.

Mrs. Mallard



4 thoughts on “What Waldorf Looks Like in My Home

  1. Sheila

    Hey Rachel,
    I love this post! Can I credit you and do the same on my blog? I think it is so important to say what Waldorf homeschooling REALLY looks like. And how it is different for every family. Just let me know. No pressure!


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