Friday Roundup

Several of the bloggers I follow end their week by posting a photo, or several photos, of things that happened during their week.  I think it’s such a lovely thing, so today I’m joining the fun.


I’ve gotten up at my new earlier time every day this week.  I love the peacefulness and plan to carry it into our school year.  I have always loved the days when I am up early and have the day started before I welcome the children into it.  But inspired by this post and this post, and the planning pages I’ve been reading through Thinking Feeling Willing, I’m turning this into a new habit, an every day sort of thing.  Five days down, thirty-five to go.


I cast on for the Immie.  I’m using gifted yarn rather than Quince’s, so I’m wondering if it will work out. 




Good old-fashioned blocks. The toy that keeps on giving.

I hope your week has been a good one.  


Mrs. Mallard

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