Sweet Little Songs for Transition Times

Good day, dear visitors!  I hope you are well.  Watching the Olympics, perhaps?  I’m feeling great today because I got up early, and got a walk in.  It’s part of my forty days to a new rhythm.  I plan to write about that another day, however.  Today, I wanted to share some song links with you.

I wrote about using transition songs and verses a bit ago in this post.  In an effort to increase my own repertoire, I went through the Children’s Songbook of the church to which I belong and pulled out songs I really want to memorize and use in our days.  I wanted to share the links to some sweet little songs with which you may not be familiar.  I hope there is one you like and want to learn!

(Just click on the link.  In the top left corner select the “Words and Music” option, then press the “Play” button.)


Thank Thee for Everything


Kindness Begins with Me


When We’re Helping

Go the Second Mile

Fun to Do

Being Outside/Taking a Walk

My Heavenly Father Loves Me

Because God Love Me


Little Seeds Lie Fast Asleep

The Prophet Said to Plant A Garden (If you are uncomfortable saying “The Prophet said,” feel free to change the words to suit!)


Quickly I’ll Obey



Evening Prayer

Children All Over the World


O, Hush Thee, My Baby

Happy singing! 

Mrs. Mallard

2 thoughts on “Sweet Little Songs for Transition Times

  1. Mel

    I saw your blog on Sure As the World and loved looking through it just now. Thanks for all of the great information about how you do Waldorf in your home. Just the other day I was going through the Children’s Songbook to pick some songs I could learn with my kids, so thanks for this great post.
    Mel (your new reader in Washington)=)


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