If You Plant It, It Will Grow – Surprisingly


After pulling some more carrots out of the garden a few days ago, I turned to my favorite cook book: “The Internet.” (Queue angelic “Ahs!”)   Seriously, I love typing ingredients I have on hand into the google search and getting a list of possible recipes.  Yesterday, I typed, “Garbanzo beans carrots,” and got this recipe from the Oh, Amanda blog.  I had never visited the Oh, Amanda blog before, but the recipe looked simple enough, so I decided to make it.

My favorite part of the recipe was peeling all the garden fresh carrots into strips.


 I served the concoction over Coconut Brown Rice as one of the Oh, Amanda commenters suggested.  The rice was delicious, the carrots and garbanzo beans a little bland.  We spiced it up with our favorite Creole seasoning.

Next up from the garden (from the bed that I was about to rip everything out of and reposition!) was a cute little cabbage.


Granny got the cabbage, a couple carrots, and the first zucchini as we were headed out of town last weekend.

Yesterday, I harvested the first broccoli and cauliflower (From the bad bed again. I really thought everything was bolting and would need to be thrown out.  Which goes to show you, I have no idea what I’m doing.)  I also got the last two carrots and the second zucchini.  I tried to cover my cauliflower with its leaves, but I think I waited too long to harvest it.  It was a little fuzzy looking and yellow – it tasted good though!  I steamed the whole lot and served it with pasta and alfredo sauce for dinner. Yum!


My tomatoes are still floundering.  The plants look beautiful and huge, but the blossoms keep falling off.  I’m worried that I don’t have any pollinators.


I am so VERY excited, however, to report that the butternut squash is starting to grow!  I love butternut squash and I have three little squashies starting out.  I was worried about lack of pollinators for these, too, so I hand pollinated them (or at least I tried…) last week.  I’m not sure if it worked or I just needed to be more patient.


This first year of gardening has been so fun and such an eye opening experience.  I’m blown away by how much I would have to grow (and work!) to feed my little family every day.   I’m loving the experience though.

What’s emerging from your garden?

3 thoughts on “If You Plant It, It Will Grow – Surprisingly

  1. Lisa

    I was expecting my garden to be a huge flop because everything got planted so late and it’s been so hot and dry. I had quite a few seeds that never germinated. But happily, I have green beans that are looking fabulous, the biggest cantaloupe plants in my four years of gardening, and cucumbers that are doing well. We’ll see if I actually get any fruit off of anything though.

  2. Becca

    I’ve been loving it too! I just posted about ours. Looks like you’ve done really well with your garden. Can’t wait to grow carrots this Fall.

  3. JustToSay

    Howdy Lisa! It has certainly been hot and dry this year. I’m glad some plants are a bit tenacious and seem to just want to live! Yay for your green beans (I remember you saying you like to eat them!), cucumbers and cantaloupe. I hope you DO get some fruit.
    Becca, I’m headed over to check out your garden right now! Thanks for visiting me here. 😉


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