What’s the Black Thing in the Trees?!


Have you heard of Sundance, Utah?  It’s a ski-resorting, mountain-biking, nature-enjoying type of place and my grandma owns a cabin up there nestled in the trees.  Every year, I look forward to our turn to travel up there and enjoy the beauty and quiet of the surrounding area.

One of my favorite hikes is to Stewart Falls.  It’s a quick hike through a little meadow and up a short hill to the bottom of a two-tiered waterfall.  It’s absolutely gorgeous in the early summer and fall.

Well, yesterday, I hiked up there with my sister, who is visiting from out of town, our children, and a few neices.  The hike up was beautiful, but dry (where’s all our water this year?!), and the hike down was uneventful until a certain amount of crashing through the bushes on our right drew our attention and my sister asked, “Is that a bear?!”  And Yes!  It was a bear!  A HUGE black bear about twenty to thirty feet away from us on the other side of a small stream lumbering through the trees and brush!  AHH!

The first thing that came to mind was, “Don’t run.  Make a lot of noise.”  So I started talking unnaturally loudly as we moved on.  Luckily, the bear just seemed to ignore us and we made it out without a problem.  (And so did the four older kids who had gone on too far ahead of us – breaking my hiking rule of always staying within sight of mom. GRRR!)  I stopped shaking after I caught sight of the kids in front of us and we seemed to be far enough away from the bear.

That was the first time I have seen a bear while hiking in the wilderness.  It was my sister’s second!  I don’t really hope to have a second sighting…

Have a terrific Thursday!


**Photos are from a trip to Stewart Falls last year.  I didn’t have my phone with me this time, but I don’t think I would have stopped to take pictures of the bear anyway.**


4 thoughts on “What’s the Black Thing in the Trees?!

  1. Lisa

    Of gosh, when I first began reading I thought what a gorgeous peaceful hike, so relaxing, breath taking and then the bear part came in and my heart raced. Glad to hear it all worked out in the end.

  2. HappyHomemakerUK

    Beautiful location! I admit to being a scaredy cat when it comes to camping – bears, mountain lions, and rattlesnakes. Now that we live in England I don’t have to worry about the bites-yous/eats-yous but there are no places to camp except for crowded campgrounds. Go figure 🙂

  3. sarah cook

    I can’t believe you had a bear sighting with all those kids along! We used to see bears occasionally, but not since we starting bringing noisy kids with us! You handled it just right, and you made an exciting memory to boot. Well done.


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