We only have eight days of school left!  I am excited to be so near the end of our school year, but we have a busy stretch of events coming up in the next few weeks – Pintail is turning eight and needs a birthday party and a baptism planned.  

Today, I am also trying to organize the summer; swim lessons, piano lessons, when to be at home, when to shop (which will hopefully carry over into the next school year – ugh, because I don’t have a “market day” yet and our pantry has been bare lately,) when to PLAN FOR NEXT YEAR, because although I am pleased with my rough schedule for next school year, I still have all the nitty gritty to do, all the books to read, and all the lessons to plan.

EEK!  I’m feeling really overwhelmed right now.  I kind of want to crawl into a hole and hide, BUT I know I have to get these things done and the only way to do that is to … DO that.  Oh, and the laundry, the laundry…

In other tidbits…

I’m really thinking about signing up for this, or at least checking her book out from the library.

I’d like to cast on for this sweater because I already have some cute yarn.

Well, I must get on with doing things.  Wish me luck!  Have a wonderful day!


One thought on “Tidbits

  1. Lisa

    Love your blog. You are so amazing. We are loving being out of school. Friday was our last day. Today we went to Jones Bridge Park. It was a gorgeous day. We fed the ducks, played in the sand, waded in the cold water. Yesterday, we went to the pool, but had to get out early because of the lightning. Tomorrow maybe the library. It is so nice to slow down a bit and just enjoy time together. I missed my boys this school year and I am happy to have them home more again. Good luck with all your endeavors!


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