Learning Through Art

In our Waldorf inspired home school, I try to use art as a vehicle for instruction.  Our artistic endeavors include drawing, painting, sculpting, singing, drama and any other art inspired medium I can use to give our subjects depth.

Right now, my fourth grader is in the last half of her “Man and Animal” block (aka zoology.)  We have been using Dennis Klocek’s book Drawing from the Book of Nature as a source for drawings to supplement our lessons.  I have been very pleased with the results of trying his techniques.  It has been very fun for me to learn right along with Teal.  Here are some examples of her work.





Here is a picture we tried painting during our study of amphibians.  


Teal’s rendition.

Using art as part of our academics seems to be making Teal more observant.  After we finished painting our frogs, she looked at mine and told me it looked more like a toad. She was toad-ally right!

Happy Thursday!

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