Happy Birthday to Me!

For my birthday I got a NutriMill!  It’s a grain grinder.


Now I can make breads and pancakes and waffles using my own fresh wheat flour.  Yay!  Now I can have food storage that we actually use and rotate through, too.  Yay!

The NutriMill will grind all sorts of grains and beans, but I’ve only used wheat so far.  There has been a little bit of a learning curve for me.  The first time I used it, I didn’t have the flour bowl all the way in place and flour came flying out all over.  Oops.  


If you look at the photo above, the sign on the lid also says it may be a bit “sticky” and hard to open the first few times.  Um, that was an understatement.  It took five minutes and made my forearms bulge like Popeye’s.  The flour is pretty, though, and feels very fine to the touch.


I think using fresh whole wheat flour will take some adaptation in my recipes.  I tried to make orange rolls on Saturday.  After adding the required amount of flour, my dough was still runny so I kept adding, and adding, and adding.  Needless to say, the orange rolls were rather small and heavy.  On Sunday morning I made waffles.  I put in the required one and three-fourths cups fresh whole wheat flour, but added one-fourth cup white flour.  The waffles turned out really well! 


Is it weird that I’m bothered that my waffles are only 87.5% whole wheat?

I’ve only had my NutriMill five days, but so far I’m very pleased with my purchase.  I bought mine on Amazon, but it’s less expensive on the Bosch site (with free shipping, too.)

Do you grind your own grains?  What adaptations to you make for freshly ground wheat?  Have a terrific day!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. sarah cook

    Ugh, I completely understand the 87.5% whole wheat thing! I’m still working on my whole grain baking skills…I can make just about anything work with about 75% whole grain, but I’m not happy with anything I’ve made 100% yet…and I really want it all 100%!!! Silly.
    The waffles look perfect.

  2. Sheila

    Hey Rachel,
    I love anyone who asks for a grain grinder for their birthday! I could not make the plunge for the nutri mill and I purchased the grain grinding attachment for my kitchen aid mixer. I am very happy with it. I don’t bake with 100% whole grain either. I don’t even think I’m at 87.5% – I think I am more like 50%. It is a learning curve bc the flour is so different than the whole wheat flour you buy in the bag. Don’t you think? I mostly bake with a sourdough starter when I am using the freshly ground wheat. Somehow the flour is transformed into something much smoother.

  3. JustToSay

    Hello Sheila! I completely agree! The flour is very different. And, although soft, it doesn’t seems to form a floury paste easily. I would love to try sourdough breads! I have a recipe in my Nourishing Traditions cookbook, but I haven’t tried it yet. If you have an easy for beginners recipe, I would love to have it! Thanks for commenting!

  4. Sheila

    Here is a link to all my favorite bread recipes. If you scroll down a little bit, you will find one for sourdough english muffins (which I just finished making about 5 minutes ago) and also one for sourdough bread. http://sureastheworld.com/bread-recipes/
    I didn’t have much luck making my own sourdough starter from scratch and I was so happy when an acquaintance of my mine innocently asked if I wanted one. I probably bake 75% of my bread with the sourdough starter now – it is addicting.
    Nourishing Traditions is slightly like the Christopherus syllabus for me. I will check it out of the library a couple of times a year and then quickly return it. We do eat a lot of foods that she recommends, but for some reason that book sends me over the edge.
    Yes, I am VERY easily overwhelmed lol.


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