Local Geography and History Field Trip – Two

Hello there!  The wrap up of our Local Geography and History block was a trip to southeastern Utah to see Ancestral Puebloan ruins and visit a town that one of our Mormon pioneer great-grandfathers had founded.  You can visit the first two posts about our block here and here.

We started our trip by visiting Anasazi State Park in Boulder, UT.  Here we visited the museum and looked at the wall remnants of the ancient village.  There was also a kiva we could look into and a replica of what the structures would have looked like when they were standing.





Teal has been a rock hound for years.  This is what I saw a lot of on the trip.


We left Boulder and travelled to Bluff via Capitol Reef and the outskirts of Lake Powell.


Before we got to Bluff we visited the Anasazi ruins at Butler Wash.  This was the first time the kids had seen ruins built into the cliffs and they found it captivating.



Bluff, Utah was settled as the San Juan Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.   One of my great (to the N’th) grandfathers was called as the bishop of this mission.   Descendents of those early settlers have recently erected a replica of the Bluff Fort to commemorate its founders.  This is where we began day two.





This is inside one of the cabins.


I think the area is so beautiful!


After visiting the fort, my grandma took us to see some delicate little wildflowers that only bloom in alcoves in the four corners area.



After admiring the flowers, we were off to Hovenweep to see “some of the finest examples of Ancestral Puebloan masonry.”



What a day!  Pintail doesn’t look very happy in the above picture because we weren’t able to walk around the entire canyon that day.  We ended up going back two days later, though, because we didn’t want to miss out.

I didn’t realize how many photos I wanted to share, so once again I’m going to have to meet you here tomorrow.  Come back for photos at Muley Point, Horseshoe Ruins at Natural Bridges, and the Mule Canyon kiva.  Have a lovely evening!

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