Grade 4 Local Geography and History – Part Two

Thanks for visiting my blog today!  This is the second half of our Local Geography and History Block for fourth grade.  You can find the first half here.

Week 4

Day 1 – Talked about cowboys and cattle and their impact on our area.  I included information about cattle rustling and cowboy tools and garb.  Teal had a great grandpa who was a cowboy, so we talked about him a little bit, too.  Drew a picture of a cowboy.


Day 2 – Wrote cowboy summary into main lesson book.  Introduced Mormon Pioneers.  Why they came to Utah.  What it was like when they arrived here.  How they interacted with the mountain men and Native Americans who were already living here.  How they designed Salt Lake City.  Etc.

Day 3 – We took a field trip to Temple Square and downtown Salt Lake City to visit Brigham Young’s home, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints History Museum, and to see how the city was laid out.  We also visited the mouth of Emigration Canyon to see the route by which the pioneers entered the valley.

Day 4 – We reviewed what we had seen on our outing and discussed Utah’s path to statehood.  Talked about the state bird, state animal, state cooking pot (the Dutch Oven!), etc. Drew a picture of the Utah state flag.


Day 5 – Reviewed everything in Teal’s main lesson book!

Week 5

Teal’s 4th (or so?) great grandpa was called on a mission by the Mormon Church to colonize the town of Bluff in southeastern Utah.  I knew that pioneer descendents of those colonizers had just completed a replica of the Bluff Fort and thought that would be fun to visit over our spring break.  I was also looking forward showing Teal the Anasazi ruins in the area.  (Did you know the Anasazi are now referred to as Ancestral Puebloans…?)  

Tomorrow I will be posting pictures from our trip.  I apologize for this teaser, but it’s not on purpose.  The baby needs to be held, I have to take a child to an activity, and my self-imposed computer time is up.  Have a great evening!



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