Grade 4 Local Geography and History – Part One

Hi!  I’m back in action after a wonderful “Field Trip” for spring break.  The spring break trip was the culmination of Teal’s geography and history block, so I thought it was a good time to do a post on what this block covered.  I used the outline from Marsha Johnson’s Waldorf Home Educators group as my guide to preparing this block.  Of invaluable worth were the following websites: Utah History to Go and Utah: A Geologic History.

Week 1:

Day 1 – We began by discussing maps, cardinal and ordinal directions, the compass rose and cartography.  Teal copied definitions into her main lesson book along with illustrations.  She also drew a map of our main living area.



Day 2 – We reviewed all the information from the previous day and then Teal drew a map of a portion of our neighborhood.  We walked outside to see how well she had done on her map.

Day 3 – I attempted to create a “Story of the Land.”  It ended up being more factual than story-like, but it was interesting.  I found this resource for the eight geologic periods of Utah and tried to create a picture of what was happening during each period, paying particular attention to Lake Bonneville.  We then summarized half of the periods and Teal copied them into her MLB (Main Lesson Book).

Day 4 – We reviewed yesterday’s work and finished writing the summaries into the MLB. 

Day 5 – Reviewed all the week’s work.

Week 2

Day 1 – Introduced the three physiographic provinces of Utah.  Drew a map and summary into the MLB.  Took a walk to a point near our house that the children call “The End of the World” and looked out over the Great Salt Lake and Basin and Range Province.


Day 2 – Intoduced the Paleo Indians and Anasazi.  Drew a picture of some pictographs on a butte.


Day 3 – Written summaries of the Paleo Indians and Anasazi.  Talk about the Fremont. Made a clay Fremont Figurine.


Day 4 – Introduced the Utes and Paiutes.   Wrote summaries into MLB.

Day 5 – Talked about the Goshutes and wrote summary.  Went snowshoeing for the first time!

Week 3

Day 1 – Talked about the Navajo and write up.  (I wish we had done some weaving here. I will definitely add that in when Pintail hits fourth grade.)

Day 2 – The first expeditions in Utah: Rivera and Dominguez/Escalante.  Looked over a map to identify their routes.

Day 3-4 – Summaries from yesterday into MLB  and introduction to Mountain Men.  We briefly covered Jim Bridger, John C. Fremont (Born in Savannah, GA!), John Wesley Powell, Miles Goodyear, Jedediah Smith, Peter Skene Ogden, and Etienne Provost.


Day 5 – Field trip to the Natural History Museum.  I just wanted to say that the field trip to the museum was the PERFECT culmination to the three weeks of study we had just completed.  They had exhibits for everything we had covered!   A time line with the eight geologic periods, stuff about the three physiographic provinces, loads of Anasazi and Fremont artifacts, a whole section on Native Americans covering the Utes, Paiutes, Goshutes, Navajo and Shoshone (which we hadn’t covered – OOPS! But we caught up on that later!)   My favorite thing in the Indian portion were pictures of the lands on which all of these native peoples lived.  (Also, I noticed that it referred to Native Americans as Indians in the museum…)





I hope you had a happy Easter!  Thank you for dropping by!


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