Monday – Right Word

I had the opportunity to attend a Waldorf Homeschool Conference in my area on Saturday.  The keynote speaker was a former Waldorf teacher from Colorado.  In the presentation on inner work (i.e. personal development)  she gave us a handout of The Eightfold Path, which I believe is attributed to Buddha.  Rudolf Steiner adapted the Eightfold Path into a weekly practice wherein every day of the week corresponds to practicing a certain principle.  For some reason this has been on my mind all weekend and so I thought to share these principles with you!

Monday is Right Word. (The handout I received has neither author nor publisher. Sorry.)

Strive to only speak words that are true, helpful and purposeful.  Avoid any speech which is harmful, divisive or condemning, deceptive, slanderous or that trivializes.  Talking for the sake of talking is harmful.  Never speak without purpose; enjoy silence. Listen with inner stillness, reflect on what is being said to you, then respond with objectivity and with thoughtful words that have the potential to bring insight, healing and the presence of the Divine.

We had an experience today that drove the concept of Right Word home.  While gathered with my children, one said to the other, “Your teeth are gross.”  Perhaps because I was thinking about Right Word, my sensibilities were very offended and I snapped at the offender while the child being attacked burst into tears.  **sigh** Our words are so very important.

The concept of Right Word also reminds me of the advice in Simplicity Parenting to monitor what we say by asking ourselves three questions before speaking:  Is it true?  Is it kind?  Is it necessary?

I hope you say and hear the right words today.  Thank you for visiting!


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