Spring Sprouts

I’m probably reading a little too much into it, but it seems like such a good omen that our first vegetables sprouted yesterday on the first day of spring.  On the left we have the broccoli and on the far right, the cabbage.  The cauliflower, which is in the middle, sprouted today.  Teal and Pintail have been keeping watch over these little sprouts all day, marvelling at the growth you can see in just twenty-four hours!


With temperatures in the 70’s coming up,  I hope to get started on my square foot garden.

It’s my dad’s birthday today.  We made him a birthday poster and left it on his truck at work.

 Wishing you happiness today!  

2 thoughts on “Spring Sprouts

  1. JustToSay

    Alyss, Your garden is fabulous! I am trying to keep expectations for our garden pretty low since it’s our first year. How did you build those arches over your beds? I need something like that to wrap netting over to keep the deer away. Best wishes for grad school!


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