Derailed by Daylight Saving

The kids and I have had the hardest time switching our internal clocks to daylight saving time.  When I woke up at 6:30 on Monday, my body said 5:30, and my mind said, “Ugh.”  I used to think changing the clock wasn’t a big deal, but this year I have physically felt the difference.  I’m not hungry at dinner time.  I can’t go to sleep at bedtime.  And getting up?  Forget about it!  That warm little baby body still asleep next to me says we’ve got another hour in the sack. *sigh*  I know the only way to switch is to start getting up early and I’ve got that penciled in for next Monday…  School has also seemed rougher this week.  When our days begin later, we end later and then school runs right into dinner prep, and dinner runs into bedtime and BAM, day over, and I feel super exhausted.

In other news, it looks like I’ll be buying shoes tomorrow! Wigeon started walking to and fro today.  She has been practicing a lot, but today I noticed that she was walking as much as crawling.  Year one goal accomplished and on to language acquisition – ha!

We visited the Natural History Museum today and I was so very pleased to see that everything I’ve been covering with Teal had a display for her to see what we’ve been discussing!  It was a terrific way to reinforce all those facts.  I plan to write an overview post of all we are covering during this geology and history block.

On another note, I reorganized my pantry last week using glass jars to store all of my dry goods; baking products, beans, nuts, and grains.  I think jars look so cute filled with various items.  (The baking goods are stored in jars I found at Ikea.  The beans, nuts, and grains are in half-gallon canning jars from the grocery store.)




I hope this week’s time change has been easy on you!  Thanks for visiting today!


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