Celebrating One

Our dear little Wigeon turned one yesterday!  We celebrated her birthday at dinner. She got to eat her own food, mashed up hamburger soup, and her own cake, thank you Costco for saving super busy moms by making delicious birthday cake.  (I fully intended to make a delicious baby food carrot cake, but my day was hijacked by an emergency trip to the vet to take care of our dog Gwennie’s horrid cysts.  EWW.  Thank goodness Wigeon had no idea it was her birthday, so she really didn’t mind.)


Our birthday celebrations always include, “The Story of Your Birth,” a tradition started by my mom who asks her children every year, “Do you want to hear the story of your birth?”  Of course!  There is something magical about hearing the details and events of one’s entrance into the world.  My husband and I continue with that tradition every year and it has been so much fun for our children.  Without fail, when we celebrate one child’s birthday, the other always asks to hear their birth story and we tell them they have to wait until their birthday!

The best gifts of the day came from siblings!  Pintail made Wigeon a lovely set of blue arm-warmers and gave her three crayons.


Teal made her a spring hat and a darling set of mama and baby rag dolls.



I don’t know why Heavenly Father has blessed me so abundantly.   Oh, how I love these children!


Happy Birthday Wigeon!

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