Goings On

Oh my!  We’ve had some goings on here, but it’s been mostly sickness!  Ugh!  Three weeks of coughing and nose blowing and more coughing and fevers and doctors.  The older two have rebounded and are back in form, but it turns out Wigeon, who up until now has shown no signs of getting teeth, has decided to produce both bottom and top incisors at the same time!  Poor little girl.  She’s been so miserable.

In other goings on, I ordered seeds!  I’m determined to try and grow some veggies this year.  Although it would be very much like me to rip out the trampoline and install a few raised beds and never use them, I am going to take it slowly and reasonably and start with a Square Foot Garden.   I really like this one that I found on pinterest.  I think it will be the right size for a beginner who has had only minimal success with gardening.  (Nod to the time I planted zucchini and only got one gigantic zucchini from the entire plant.) I’ll keep you posted.

Even with all the sickness and teething, school is going well.  We started new blocks last Monday.  Math for Pintail and a Local Geography and History block for Teal.  I really had to spend a lot of time preparing for the Geography and History block, but it has been enjoyable and is going well so far.  I’m looking forward to the upcoming field trips and will post a recap of the block when we finish!

Tomorrow is Wigeon’s birthday.  She will be one!  My how the time has flown.

I hope you are happy and well today!  Thanks for dropping by!


3 thoughts on “Goings On

  1. Audree Lawrence

    She is SO cute! I can’t wait to hear how your square foot garden goes, I’ve been thinking about the same thing! That’s an adorable outfit too. xoxo

  2. sarah cook

    How long do your blocks usually last? The more I read, the more I wish I could enroll my kiddos in your school. My Alli turns five soon, and I dread sending her out the door each day. I’m not sure I have it in me to do homeschooling well though…

  3. JustToSay

    Thanks Audree! I just went to Target and got AJ some dresses, sweaters and leggings because I love that look on little girls.
    Hi Sarah! Thank you for your kind words! Sending the first off to school is nerve wracking. I didn’t start home scooling until my first was in second grade. (but I do wish I had homeschooled from the start in retrospect.) Our blocks usually last 3-5 weeks. In Waldorf Ed, it’s called a “main lesson” and the bulk of scool time is spent on one subject, with short and active reviews on other subjects as needed.


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