What’s in that Laundry Basket and Eating Better

Happy President’s Day!  My day started off not so hot, so I wanted to share some good stuff to make myself feel better! Ha!

My ten year old loves to wrap the baby up in a blanket, lay her in the laundry basket, and push her around the house!  The baby loves it, too!


I happened upon this about five minutes later.


It seems that our lab Guinevere, thought snuggling up in a basket was a great idea!

On another note, I’m happy to report better eating last week!  I made some whole wheat bread and tried making a soup (sans recipe)  from leftover Maple Roasted Butternut Squash.  I started with a mirepoix then added chicken broth, quinoa, kale and the squash.  It was healthy and I thought it tasted good, but I’m not sure the other members of the family liked it as much as I!




We also had homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza.  I’m in desperate need of a good pizza dough recipe, so if you have one, please share it!


I hope you had a great three day weekend!

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