Waldorf Homeschooling

Once, I heard a speech by a wise man who expressed his belief that just as God set the planets into planned celestial orbits, he also set people into deliberate orbits.  Before deciding to homeschool, my orbit crossed paths with my friend Carrie’s.  She was planning out lessons for her daughter using the Steiner or Waldorf method of instruction.  I asked a few questions, thought the form drawing she was looking at was weird, and didn’t give it a second thought.  However, after deciding to homeschool several years later, I remembered the Waldorf name and decided to research it.  And wouldn’t you know it,  it is the curriculum that I felt best met the needs of my children!

Waldorf or Steiner schools have received some media attention lately.  Their “old-fashioned” methods encourage children to begin school later (first grade at age 6 1/2 to 7) and leave out the use of technology in the early grades.  And though I agree with these methods (I wholeheartedly believe that small children should have loads of undirected free play to foster their imagination and creativity and media can get in the way of this free play,)  I most like that Rudolf Steiner believed in meeting the developing needs of children as they transform physically, emotionally, and spiritually from children into adults.  That concept fit for me and my children – just as I’m sure you use what fits for you and your children! (BTW, Some things Steiner believed, I don’t, but I’m at peace using what resonates with me and leaving what doesn’t. 🙂  

Just for fun, I thought I’d link up to some of the media coverage.  Please keep in mind that these are school schools and our homeschool is very different, but I found them interesting nevertheless.

Here is the first video of a Steiner School in the UK.

Here is a news report from Philadelphia.

An Article from the New York Times on a Silicon Valley Waldorf School.

A video of the Edinburgh School in Scotland.

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3 thoughts on “Waldorf Homeschooling

  1. quigley @playinginmudpuddles

    HI there – my children went to both steiner schools and homeschooled – they are now at a mainstream school and though it’s wonderful, the inundation of technology and the test focus is taking me (not the children) some getting used to – it’s fine for the older ones, but I just don’t think it’s necessary for the 8 year old …
    found you on wholefood kitchen – isn’t it great@!


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