Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!


One of the best things I decided to do this year was schedule in two complete weeks of vacation time from the January to June stretch!  Because today was still vacation, I neglected to schedule any official Valentine’s Day crafts. I thought there might be some sadness, so I this morning I made each child a heart shaped pancake for breakfast (I know, how very involved of me…)  As I handed them their breakfast plate, I looked each child in the eye and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day.  I love you!”  It was sweet how much they loved it! This is the simple kind of tradition I think I can keep up.


They didn’t even complain that hearts looked a little burnt, which is unusual…and later, they did break out the paper, glue and glitter for some proper Valentines.

We tried pomelos this morning.   The sign at the store said they were similar to grapefruit, just a little sweeter.  Slicing through the covering felt like slicing through an eggplant, and I was surprised to find there was such a large rind to fruit ratio.  They were ok, but we all decided to stick with ruby red grapefruits.


I think the highlight of our Valentine’s Day was definitely the sledding!




I hope you had a lovely day! ❤

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