A Zoo, A Spartan, and Some Recipes

Last Wednesday, we went on a short vacation to see my sister and her family.  We left snow and cold and were greeted by sunshine and temperatures in the 70’s! So nice!  The kids were thrilled to be in shorts and short sleeves, and I am still smiling as I think about how nice it felt to sit in the sun and soak up vitamin D.

We visited the local zoo and I was amazed by their exhibit of the African Savanna.  It was a giant grassy plain filled with giraffe, ostriches, watusi cattle, gazelle and other animals.  I thought that if I were a zoo animal, that’s where I’d like to end up!  I didn’t get a picture of the savanna, but here is one of the kids and their sweet cousins.


While there, my sister competed in and won the woman’s championship in the Spartan race! Even though it was her first time competing in a Spartan,  I’m not surprised!  She qualified for Boston on her first marathon, too! 


Week two of Whole Food Kitchen began today.  It’s about pantry and kitchen set up, but I haven’t dived into the articles, yet.  Last week, I whipped up a batch of Festival Spice muffins from the Tassajara Bread Book.  I am indebted to that book for helping me learn how to make bread from scratch.  The process they use is long, but really yields nicely textured and tasting bread, and I love the muffins and cinnamon rolls!


Here is a link to one of my favorite lentil recipes.  It’s Lentil Tomato Soup.  For some reason, mine always turns out thicker and more stew like than the soup in their picture, but I love the light flavors of the nutmeg and clove.


I hope your weekend was fabulous!  Thank you for visiting!


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