Whole Food Kitchen

After attending a Superbowl get together yesterday and stuffing myself with multiples of every item on display (which led to feeling like I had eaten a category 5 hurricane and caused the frequent quoting of the first line of Jeremiah 4:19 “My bowels, my bowels,”)  I couldn’t have been happier to receive email notification today that the online workshop “Whole Food Kitchen” had gone live.

You see, I love food and thinking about food, especially heathful food that will be good for my family. There was a time when I found a wonderful little co-op that provided me with a bag of organic produce each week containing a variety of farm fresh items.  I truly enjoying piling the kids into the car and picking up our bag of goodies, then to return home and wash and prep them for use during the coming week!  There were so many new things we tried during that time that we loved; pluots, bok choy, swiss chard and collared greens to name a few.  It was exciting to try new recipes and I physically felt REALLY GOOD.

It’s a shame, though, how easy it is to drift back into processed food-land. With a cross-country move and a new baby, old habits returned and I found myself reaching for the tired old “un-foods” again.  Fast forward about a year, and now I ‘m sneaking chocolate chips and othery sugary goods from the pantry like they’re crack cocaine.

Well, the good thing about life is that if you pay attention, you will hear yourself whispering to yourself saying something like, “Girl, remember those days when you ate carrots as SNACKS?!  Remember how deliciously sweet and tender fresh lettuce is and how your kids called it BUNNY LETTUCE and ate it PLAIN with NO dressing?!  Yeah, those were good times.  Healthy times.”  So life has been whispering to me and I’m paying attention.  It’s time to get back to healthy food choices.  I’m hoping this three month workshop will be the inspiration and motivation I need right now!

Post a link to your favorite healthy recipe in the comments!   Thanks for visiting!

8 thoughts on “Whole Food Kitchen

  1. sarah cook

    I have an obsession with fresh produce, especially veggies. I can’t wait for gardening weather! Have you done Bountiful Baskets? Not quite as good as an all-locally grown co-op, but that’s hard to come by here where the growing season is just a few months. $16.50 for 30 lbs of produce, and for $10 you can upgrade to all organic.

  2. JustToSay

    Sarah! Thank you for the heads up on Bountiful Baskets! It sounds very promising. I think this will be the year that I try to grow some veggies of my own, too. I planted zucchini and yellow squash one year and got one of each! HA! I don’t think I’m ready for a raised bed or anything, so I’ll try some containers. Do you have seed/plant catalogue recommendations? Thanks!

  3. sarah cook

    I really do like Bountiful Baskets. Our last one had 2 lbs of strawberries, a pineapple, gorgeous apples, Asian pears, asparagus, broccoli, spanish onion, potatoes, romaine lettuce, the biggest red peppers I’ve ever seen, celery, tomatoes…it seems like I’m forgetting something.
    My favorite seed catalog is pinetree:
    They are in Maine, so their seeds are well suited to our climate. And they have some varieties I love that I haven’t found anywhere else.


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