Babes in Bookland

We go to the library every week.  Once, we missed a week and Pintail ran out of books, so I let him use my Kindle.  He asked if it was all right to download books.  I said that would be OK, thinking he might get one or two.  Fifty dollars later, I remembered why I love the library so much and why we visit it every week.  

Wigeon loves the library, too!  She likes to stand in the stacks and peruse titles.




Sometimes, she wonders if there’s a better selection on the other side.



She usually ends up liking what’s right in front of her, though.



I can tell we will look forward to many, many more years of visiting the library!  

Do your kids have any favorite books you’d like to recommend?  My kids absolutely love the nature stories written by Arthur Scott Bailey!  Check them out.  They are free on the Kindle. 🙂

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