Children’s socks show up in the weirdest places.  I’ve found them crammed between cushions on the couch, tucked between the headboard and the mattress, and stuffed into shoes that haven’t been worn for a month.  I find socks everywhere, and they are always singles, always dirty.  Here is an example of an offending sock.  Single: check! Dirty: check!


Because of this phenomenon, it doesn’t surprise me when after I’ve done the wash, folded the clothes, and carefully put away the two pairs of socks I encountered, that someone gets terribly upset as they are dressing because they have no socks!

I decided to remedy the situation by stopping at Target yesterday.  The kids’ joy nearly surpassed Christmas as I took out fresh, white socks (in the next size up!)   The next few minutes were spent trying on the new beauties, and I couldn’t help but smile as they commented on their nice fit and sparkling whiteness.


Aren’t moms the best?


Now, about those pants…

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