Rhythm in Our Home

Daily rhythm is something I’ve been reading about on two of my favorite blogs.   It’s also something I spend a lot of time thinking about!  More than a strict schedule based on the clock, for me rhythm is the flow of the day, the in-breaths and out-breaths of all of our activities.  Our daily rhythm right now looks like this:


Mom and kids all wake up at the same time.

Mom prepares breakfast while kids dress, make beds, brush teeth, play.

Everyone eats breakfast together. Mom cleans up. 😦

Morning Devotional.  This consists of a hymn, a scripture we are memorizing, and scripture reading.

Grade 4 child’s Main Lesson.  Grade 1 child reads independently, does Spanish lesson, plays.

Outside Break.  (This used to be a walk every day, but now the baby has started taking a huge nap during this time and so I’ve been sending the kids outside alone.)

Grade 1 child’s Main Lesson. Grade 4 child reads independently and does Spanish.

Lunch.  Mom cleans up. 😦

Rest Hour.  I usually read blogs and try to write during this time, but it doesn’t seem like the best time.

“Specials” Mon – piano lessons & library; Tues. – Handwork; Wed. – baking/cooking; Thurs. – painting

Play Time

Dinner Preparation – I cook.  Fourth Grader feeds animals & sets table.  First Grader empties dishwasher.

Family Book Reading – We are reading The Incredible Journey right now.

Mom puts baby to bed while big kids play.

Big kids to bed.

Husband and I chill with me taking care of waking baby as needed.


So when do we do our chores?!  That’s my hugest issue!  Some mornings I’ll throw in laundry folding or a quick house pick-up, but I need to implement a daily chore schedule that we stick to like glue.  I know my big kids are able to help out with housework more than they do right now.  (Like meal clean-up!)  I’m planning to sit down and tackle a chore schedule to implement ASAP.

The other change I would like to make is getting myself up before the kids.  I have tried this many times in the past only to be frustrated that the earlier I get up, the earlier my kids get up and once again I’m left with no personal time. 

Here are the posts on rhythm from The Parenting Passageway: OneTwoThree

Here is the post from Celebrate the Rhythm of Life.

What is your daily rhythm?  How do you handle your housework?

Thanks for reading! 

4 thoughts on “Rhythm in Our Home

  1. Heidi

    I have my kids do one chore a day, and they rotate every day. So on Monday we have one do kitchen, one do laundry, one do bathrooms, and one do livingrooms. Then tuesday we change. Every kid gets to do each chore once, and then on Friday they get to do the first chore again. It helps me keep my house clean.

  2. Rachel

    Heidi, I love your cleaning schedule! It’s seems great because each child is in charge of just one thing, but it’s all getting done each day. Thanks for responding!

  3. Carla Melton

    Thanks for the post. I love Carries blog too. I share the same challenges as you…waking up early, and housework. Yep, I need to spend some time working those out 🙂

  4. Rachel

    Carla, Thank you for dropping by! I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment until today. We started a new and improved schedule on Monday. I’m up before the kids (except baby) and we clean one area each morning. So far,so good. I’m determined to keep at it. Best wishes in your quest!


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