Modeling Fun

Using art as a vehicle for instruction is one of the reasons I was drawn to the Waldorf style of home education.  One of the kids’ favorite things to do is create characters or scenes from their studies using beeswax.  Beeswax comes in beautiful colors, smells delightful, and becomes very pliable when warmed.  (We float our wax in hot water to help it become easier to use!) Teal, who is in the middle of a Norse Mythology block created these characters;  from left to right, there’s Thor, Freya, Odin, Frigg and Loki.


Pintail, grade 1, created Minli and Dragon, the main characters from the book he is reading right now.


Then after “school” was done, the real creating began!  All of the characters were outfitted with multiple changes of clothes and accessories.


I love how some of our artistic activities flow into the “play” of the day!

What are the things your children can spend hours doing?

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